7 reasons why a DAC could be your music purchase of the year

If you’ve never heard of a “DAC”, don’t worry, most people haven’t. The fact is, it’s one of the best ways to improve the quality of the digital music we consume every day, whether it’s through a phone, laptop or proper audio system. (Listen only to music exclusively through vinyl? Perhaps this article is not for you.)

We have a whole explainer what is a DAC and what does it do here, but it’s essentially a device – available in all shapes and sizes and at all prices – that converts a digital audio signal (say, a Spotify stream or a local music file playing on your phone) into an analog audio signal so that it can output (i.e. listen) through the speakers or (if it has a headphone output, which most do) through a pair of headphones. This explains its full name – Digital-to-analog converter.

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