Adelman Travel is enhancing the visitor experience with the launch of its newest Elite Guest Travel Management solution

MILWAUKEE, August 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To meet the growing needs of corporations to attract skilled employees, manage project movements and support non-core travelers, Adelman Travel introduced Elite Guest Travel Management (GTM), a comprehensive solution designed to effectively manage travel, payment, expenses and reimbursement for any – any guest or casual traveler. The unique solution combines technology and high-tech service to provide a superior travel experience for the traveling guest and a simplified process for the travel coordinator.

Adelman’s Elite GTM is ideal for all types of invited travelers, including contractors, suppliers, customers, training attendees and new hires, field workers and crews, and traveling healthcare professionals. Its flexible design allows Adelman customers and companies that may use an alternative TMC for their business travel programs to take advantage of the solution.

“After listening to our customers, we found that there is a greater demand for solutions to manage ‘guest’ travelers,” said Jason Horstmanpresident and chief operating officer of Adelman Travel. “Many companies lost employees during the pandemic and are now trying to replace them. As a result, they regularly bring in candidates from remote locations for interviews. The initial travel experience can be a factor in how a candidate perceives a company and can determine whether or not they accept a job offer. Adelman’s approach has always been to develop innovative products, services and solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers, and we aim to stay on that path.”

The Adelman Elite GTM solution is supported by Elite VIP service and proactive travel disruption management through a dedicated agent service team. The team proactively manages the guest travel coordinator experience to ensure that the needs of the client and guest traveler are consistently met. With a follow-the-traveler model, Elite GTM provides 24/7 proactive support for both agent-led and self-service bookings, while fully considering the organization’s travel policies, preferred suppliers and contracts in process.

“The responsibility for booking this type of travel often falls on the shoulders of HR, costing them time they often can’t afford to spend on the task,” said Jeff Ochaitadirector of client technology and global solutions at Adelman. “Elite GTM simplifies the whole process. In addition, we develop customized self-service options that allow customers to integrate the best digital solutions to meet their needs. With the self-service option, travelers can make their own travel arrangements and then easily receive receipts, report their expenses and receive automatic reimbursement for any additional costs.”

Other features of Adelman’s Elite GTM include customized payment options, including virtual and mobile; full reporting and tracking of travelers; easy reconciliation of costs; and simplified subscription pricing.

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Adelman Travel Group with headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been providing clients with high-quality corporate travel management services for over 37 years and continues to grow into one of the largest and most respected TMCs in North America. Adelman specializes in creating customized travel, payment and expense management programs to meet the unique needs of each corporate client. Adelman Travel is a wholly owned mid-market division of BCD Travel and operates in 109 locations worldwide, providing global, regional and local expertise. To learn more about Adelman Elite Guest Travel Management (GTM) solutions, visit:

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