After the criticism, the male players will dress in the Delhi Skirt Game on Friday

After months of heated debate, the annual game in Delhi, where men dress up as celebrities and play a game to raise money for charity, will go ahead as planned.

On Friday at Delhi Park, the men’s softball players will stick with this year’s theme and dress up as nurses and first responders to play in the 45th annual Delhi Skirt Game.

The Delhi Skirt Game began in 1978 as a league softball game where the loser dressed in women’s clothing to raise money for a young child who had been injured in a bicycle accident. That first game raised $2,500.

Sherri DeMoss, a member of the Skirt Game Committee’s board of directors, said that over the years, Delhi Skirt Game events have raised more than $1 million, helping local families with special needs. “We have a lot of families in Delhi that we’ve helped that would be homeless if it weren’t for the game,” DeMoss said. “We do this to help our neighbors. All money raised goes back to the community.”

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