Amy Duggar shows off significant weight loss and flaunts legs in tiny denim shorts, breaking strict family dress code

AMY Duggar showed off her significant weight loss and flaunted her legs in tiny denim shorts, defying the family’s strict dress code.

The outspoken cousin of the reality show family is known for being more rebellious than Jim Bob, 55, and Michelle Duggar’s children.


Amy Duggar shares weight loss update as she shows off her legs in tiny denim shortsCredit: Instagram
Amy's uncle Jim Bob Duggar forces his family to follow a conservative dress code


Amy’s uncle Jim Bob Duggar forces his family to follow a conservative dress codeCredit: Toby Canham

Amy, 35, posted a mirror selfie on her Instagram Stories on Thursday.

Caption: “Lose weight!” the Counting On alum shows off her toned figure as she poses in front of her full-length bedroom mirror.

Amy shows off her toned legs in a pair of revealing denim shorts, which she teams with a cream vest and sun hat.

Recently, the 35-year-old shared a video on social media that tells fans about her weight loss journey.

Amy breaks Uncle Jim Bob's modesty rules by shedding her tight tank top
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In the video, Amy tried on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans and was able to wear them comfortably.

In the clip, she said: “Let me just give you a quick story. I will make it as true as possible. These jeans were in my closet before I was [son] Dax. Even before I was pregnant, I thought, “I can’t wear them, but I love them.” I think I got them for about $10 and I was like, that’s it.

“I’m going to buy them, they’re my incentive jeans and I’m going to try them on every now and then to see if I can wear them.” Anyway, I tried them on today to go to dinner and they fit, and I’m not even kidding. Like, there is a place. As if I could live in them. Do you understand? Like, to live. and I’m not in pain. “

As for how she got there, Amy said: “I feel like I’ve been really trying to work out and eat a lot of protein and the work is really paying off.”

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She urged followers in similar situations: “Don’t give up.”

Fans focused not only on the jeans, but also on the tiny white crop top that she paired them with.

“I love it! Go Amy!” – commented the 29-year-old cousin of Jessa Duggar.

Fans also filled the comments with positivity, admiring Amy’s palpable confidence.

One wrote: “Yeah girl. I really like the clothes improvements, I call them my weightless victories.’

Someone else chimed in: “You look beautiful.”

While one echoed the sentiment, writing: “Congratulations. You are always beautiful.”

A fan said: “You are the cutest!! I love your jeans even more because of how excited you are. You’re everyone’s hype girl and that’s what I love about you the most!”


Earlier this month, Amy once again broke the family rules of modesty by sharing a video of herself naked in the bath.

The TLC star posted a video in which she appeared to show off her knee in the bathtub as water poured down her body.

She titled the video simply: “Perfection.”

This is the second time a Duggar cousin has posted a video of herself in the bathtub.

The video shocked viewers familiar with her family’s strict modesty rules as she was in the bath.

Amy was enjoying a relaxing bath when she decided to share a cute story about her son with her followers.

In the picture, a close-up of the star can be seen surrounded by bubbles up to her chin, and her hair is tied up in a pink headband with bunny ears.

The video does not follow the conservative dress code of family patriarch Jim Bob and matriarch Michelle Duggar, which usually allows women to dress modestly and wear skirts or dresses.

Women are also advised not to show their legs or shoulders.


Fans have long considered Amy to be a rebel in the famous family, as she often breaks the rules.

Earlier this month, the mother-of-one donned a sexy leopard print swimsuit for a day at the pool.

She donned another black bathing suit, showing off her cleavage while relaxing by the water in another occasion.

The 19 Kids and Counting alum often deviates from the guidelines by showing off her bare legs in shorts.

She and her family attended the Grape Festival in Tontitown, Arkansas, where Amy opted for a more relaxed outfit to walk around in the hot sun.

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She captioned the photos: “The best at the Grape Festival 2022!”

There are several shots of her son, Daxton, at the ride, drinking frozen lemonade and holding tickets.

Jim Bob and his wife Michelle Duggar


Jim Bob and his wife Michelle DuggarCredit: social media – link to the source
Amy broke family rules by wearing Daisy Duke shorts and a tank top in a photo with her husband Dillon and son Daxton


Amy broke family rules by wearing Daisy Duke shorts and a tank top in a photo with her husband Dillon and son DaxtonCredit: Instagram/Amy Duggar
Amy with husband Dillon King


Amy with husband Dillon KingCredit: Instagram/amyracelleking

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