Armenian entrepreneurs attract Hollywood celebrities and musicians to a world-class therapeutic studio

Jake Paul, Winnie Harlow and Bryson Tiller use Muscle Lab to recover

ANGELS, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cryotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for muscle recovery, and a CaliforniaMuscle Lab Health Center is leading a new health movement with the support of professional athletes, musicians and celebrities.

Founded in 2020 by Armenian-American entrepreneurs Andy Trace and Vache OurishyanMuscle Lab is a modern medical facility headquartered in Angels which specializes in luxurious restorative treatments including cryotherapy, cupping, compression therapy, stretch therapy, infrared sauna and IV therapy.

Muscle Lab has treated over 50 professional athletes, including current NBA players Tyler Herro and Ben Simmonsas well as musicians DJ Zedd, Bryson Tiller and A$AP Ferg.

Jake Paul and Winnie Harlow also among the many celebrities who support what Trace and Ourishian have built with Muscle Lab.

“Andy and B have created a comfortable culture and a fresh experience in health and wellness,” said Paul, a social media mogul and professional boxer. “Muscle Lab provides medically proven restorative treatments in a luxurious setting. More and more people are looking to cryotherapy to help them on their way to health, and Muscle Lab is setting the standard in this field.”

Muscle Lab’s services are not limited to the rich and famous. Sierra Canyon, which is one of the top high school basketball programs in the country (attended by LeBron “Bronnie” James Jr.), is supported by Muscle Lab. The facility opens its doors to Sierra Canyon players throughout the season to provide rehabilitative treatment outside of what the school offers.

“I wish Muscle Lab and its services were around when I was playing high school basketball,” Trace said. “But cryotherapy techniques were only available to professional athletes ten years ago. These kids are our most important customers because we provide the mental and physical support they need to achieve their goals, on and off the court.”

27-year-old Trace is a native of Los Angeles. As a teenager in 2016, he pioneered digital marketing, founding and eventually growing the marketing agency into a multi-million dollar company with media channels that now reach over 800 million followers.

Forbes and Maxim profiled Trace and his project in Fall 2021. Formerly owned and operated website Kobe Bryantwas used to create a digital art collection honoring the late NBA superstar, with all proceeds going to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation.

Trace and his business partners have also created an NFT (non-fungible token) project called Cereal Club, which will use the domain to facilitate direct-to-consumer sales of its breakfast product line.

About Muscle Lab

Muscle Lab is a muscle recovery and wellness lounge where members can come together to recharge, rejuvenate and socialize. Whether you suffer from chronic illness or pain, need guidance on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, or simply want to relax, Muscle Lab offers a wide range of services created by combining the advances of modern science. Muscle Lab is the most comprehensive and comprehensive approach to health in the industry.

About Andy Trace

Andy Trace is an Armenian-American tech entrepreneur based in Angels. He is the founder of Muscle Lab, Cereal Club, GetMeFamous, Accommodations and Trace’s social media agency GetMeFamous has launched successful campaigns for Alice Violet and Bella Thorne, which has increased the company’s reach to 800 million followers to date. Muscle Lab, a muscle recovery and wellness lounge, was founded in 2020 and has an extensive client list of celebrities, musicians and professional athletes.

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