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Bowling Green High School seniors spent hours last week personalizing their parking spots with gallons of paint.

According to Lauren Till, BGHS English teacher who, along with social studies teacher Bailey Nye, leads the high school’s Stu Crew organization, this is the first year seniors have been given the opportunity to paint their parking spots.

“They don’t usually get assigned a spot,” Thiell said as she watched the students apply their artistic skills to the asphalt Thursday. She presented the idea to the administration after seeing personalized parking spaces at other schools.

“I go to schools all the time and they paint the parking spots,” Thiel said.

The Bowling Green administration got involved and seniors were asked to submit their ideas. As of Thursday, 52 pensioners submitted sketches of parking spaces and approved them.

“There were some that weren’t approved,” Thiell added.

“We had a freshman and we said give us three years” and then try again, she said.

The students had to apply paint, sweep the asphalt, tape the places and create their works.

Several parents, siblings and at least one grandmother pitched in to help personalize the spaces.

Kendalyn Robinson and her mom, Jennifer, paint strawberries in the parking lot.

On Thursday night, Kendalyn Robinson was busy painting giant strawberries in her space. She was joined by her mom, Jennifer Robinson.

“I never thought they would let us do that. I collect strawberry things. I really like strawberries,” Kendalyn said of her choice to personalize her parking spot.

“She drives a red car,” her mom said.

“She hasn’t painted them on her car yet,” said her dad, Gene Robinson, as he watched his daughter put the finishing touches on the berries.

Mallory and Michelle Brotherton paint the parking lot for the seniors.

Nearby, Mallory Brotherton and her mom, Michelle Brotherton, were working on a parking space-sized “prescription” that listed senioritis as the disease and Mallory’s “bucket list” as the cure: get a degree and fly an airplane as an aviation major at Bowling Green State University.

Stencils made at home with mom’s cutting tool made the paint job easier.

“I cut it all out with my Cricket at home,” said Michelle.

Senior Chloe Higgins had a similar idea, as her cure for senioritis was sitcoms and snacks – with an expiration date of 2023.

Another clip featured a black background with white spots that read: “God, I’m older.”

BGHS senior Kate Rutenberg and her dad, Mike, paint ducks in her parking spot.

Kate Rutenberg and her dad, Mike Rutenberg, were busy painting ducks in her parking spot.

“These are my favorite animals,” said Kate, as they look graceful on the surface as they paddle wildly underwater.

“Anything to make her happy,” her dad said as he added blue paint to the asphalt.

Lauren Carmen was in the early stages of her work planning the silhouette of Bigfoot. While the others were painstakingly drawing lines and stenciling, Lauren said she was going to do it.

“I’m just going to,” she said.

Zach Dorman’s space focuses on Adventures Out There, dedicated to his grandparents and Up.

“He was always over me,” he said of his grandfather, who died when Zach was young.

Emma Ferguson looks at her ‘Emma-nopoly’ parking space.

Emma Ferguson created an “Emma-nopoly” board in her parking space. The game boards highlighted her extracurricular involvement in FFA, dance, drama club and cheerleading. She was thrilled to be able to personalize her space, spending an estimated 10 hours on the project.

“We were always looking to do something new,” she said. “We were all very happy to be guinea pigs.”

Thiell was impressed with the finished works, noting that when she was in high school, her artistic endeavors were less complex.

“I would literally shower mine in glitter,” she said with a smile.

One parent was particularly impressed by a student who painstakingly taped straight lines for an American flag in his parking spot.

“This kid is so good, I think I’m going to hire him to paint my house,” Rachel Fletcher said.

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