At HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 in Bangkok, Huawei and its partners explore how technology can create a sustainable future

BANGKOK, September 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On the first day of HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 yesterday, Huawei, its partners and representatives from public and private organizations held a session exploring how technology is vital to building a sustainable and inclusive world as envisioned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). . ), with case studies and analysis focusing on Asia-Pacific region region.

As one of the most densely populated and diverse regions in the world, Asia-Pacific region also expected to be the fastest growing economy globally as COVID-19 accelerates digital transformation in Asia-Pacific region faster than the world average.

“More governments and organizations are beginning to recognize the enabling role of technology in accelerating the achievement of the SDGs,” said Jeffrey Zhou, president of Huawei ICT marketing. “In line with Huawei’s vision and mission, we launched TECH4ALL digital inclusion initiative in 2019, and programs and projects of global partners are ongoing in various countries.”

Zhou was followed by an opening speech from Richard Mahoneyglobal vice president of Informa Tech, who shared that the traditional method of supporting sustainable development is not working and that technological solutions are now needed as an accelerator.

The UNESCO speaker then reviewed the 17 SDG goals and approaches to their achievement by 2030. “While the implementation of the SDG agenda depends on governments, the simple fact is that it cannot be implemented without the private sector,” said Mohamad Djelid, Director of the UNESCO Bureau in Jakarta, Indonesia. “We all have a role to play in achieving the ambitious but necessary 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

Digital engagement was a key issue discussed during the session. Although the digital divide is gradually narrowing, the ITU recently reported that 2.7 billion people in the world still remain offline. Due to a lack of network connectivity, digital skills, affordable devices, or a combination of these factors, too many people are unable to access the digital tools they need in today’s increasingly digital world. “Nobody should stay offline,” he said Atsuko Okudadirector of the regional office of the ITU for of Asia and the Pacific Ocean. “Digital technologies and ICT development can accelerate achievement of the SDGs.”

Huawei’ David LuPresident of the Asia-Pacific Strategy and Marketing Department, presented the latest developments and the role of ICT in TECH4ALL projects around the world, and especially in Asia-Pacific regionincluding digital bus in Thailand, which provides connectivity and digital skills to rural children; Digital Village program in Indonesia, which provides affordable connectivity to rural communities through the RuralStar solution; as well as the introduction of a 5G-based remote healthcare system for rural communities and information accessibility solutions for the elderly in Thailand. Mr. Lu pointed out that thanks to the cooperation between technology companies and global organizations, the future for Asia-Pacific region will be bright and sustainable, achieving the goal of leaving no one behind.

Another key topic of the session was how technology can contribute to nature conservation. Sean Tanthe vice president of Sunseap, a leading green energy solutions provider, revealed how the Singaporean company plans to offset 4,000 tons of CO2 per year thanks to its innovative floating solar power plant. The solution, which uses Huawei’s intelligent photovoltaic solution, is deployed in an offshore area Singapore.

Continuing the topic of environmental protection, Malaysia Sarawak Forestry Corporation has launched the first pilot project with Huawei TECH4ALL in collaboration with Sarawak Multimedia Authority, Forest Department Sarawak and Rainforest Connection to protect one of the world’s oldest rainforests at 140 million years old. Sarawak tropical forests.

Huawei carries out more than 45 TECH4ALL projects with more than 40 global partners, focusing on equitable and quality education, conservation of nature through technology, development of inclusive healthcare, and achievement of balanced development.

Learn more about Huawei TECH4ALL projects:

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