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The season of the Lions has blessed us with a lot of things — like Beyoncé’s new album — but thanks to the arrival of director Galina Rein, it’s super cool Body Body Body, we have our Leo anthem “Hot Girls” by Charli XCX, which as I will say below, really captures the whole vibe of this movie. But alongside Raine’s new movie opening nationwide, we’ve got a selection honoring the late Olivia Newton-John, a movie that will make you break up with some goofs, and a movie that will heal your inner (or real) child. Here are our recommendations:

The latest from A24 is a bit hard to describe. Someone? Slasher of course? as if but actually Body Body Body is a slightly twisted dark comedy about a group of sharp-tongued rich kids (and Lee Pace) who get together for a hurricane weekend. Rachel Sennott is a rebel, Amandla Stenberg is unpredictable, and Pete Davidson is a fun rich asshole. My best litmus test for this movie is Charli XCX’s song made for the movie, Hot Girls. If you like this song, you will love it Body Body Body. And if you go, be sure to take friends.

Olivia Newton-John’s death this week felt like a punch to the gut. She’s an absolute star known for many accomplishments, but one of the most notable films in her portfolio was a film that needs no introduction: Oil. It’s not as fancy as Cage or her Joy cameo performance “Physical” with Jane Lynch, but the story of two teenagers from the 50s is a damn fine piece of pop culture history. “Hopelessly Devoted to You” is and always will be great.

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I blew This fool, and let me tell you, I laughed my hardest while watching a TV show in a long time. Created by comedian Chris Estrada and partially based on his own life, This fool follows Julio Lopez (Estrada) as he helps his cousin Luis (Frankie Quiñones) re-acclimate to life outside of prison through the non-profit organization Hugs Not Thugs. Raisin? Episode Two, “Pootazos,” sees Luis try to get his team back together to fight his old enemy, only to realize — in a funny way — that he and his friends aren’t the young guys on the block anymore. anyway This fool it’s a blast.

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Penny Marshall’s beloved 1992 film is getting a TV adaptation helmed by Abbie Jacobson and D’Arcy Carden, so naturally I’m in it. Intertwining with Jacobson’s character Carson’s story of joining the Rockford Peaches and flirting with Greta Cardena is Shante Adams as Max, a Black baseball player desperate to make it in the league. Own league promises to be weirder and more diverse, and while the premise is set up for that, I’ll be interested to see how well the series pulls it off.

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The third season Never I never got into such a great groove. Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) remains extremely confused and complicated, albeit this time with Paxton (Darren Barnett) by her side and a more relaxed look (“Oh my God! This is why popular people age better.”) But this is teen TV, baby. , so while Paxton’s team may be hyped for the new season, there’s more drama to come, even a new possible suitor for Devi’s heart, Des (Anirudh Pisharodi). And I think there’s Ben. While you’re all busy sorting out the Davy love triangle, I’ll be happy to be where Trent and Eleanor are.

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The Princess Diana content just keeps coming, and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m going to keep eating it up. The latest comes from HBO in the form of a documentary that explores Diana’s life from her engagement to Charles to her death in 1997 using archival audio and video. I doubt Princess will reveal something new about her documented royal life, but as we know, Diana is an intriguing enough subject to keep you interested.

Available to stream on HBO Max

I can’t be a demo for Bluey, but the real acknowledges the real, as our very own television critic Catherine VanArendonk called it Blue “the best children’s show of our time.” With season three coming out this week on Disney+, I took the time to watch an episode (each usually only eight minutes long) of Bluey and her sister Bingo moving into their new bedrooms, and oh boy, it’s so cute. From the music to the sweet and kind family relationships and soft Australian accents, Bluely is just bliss and comfort.

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