Cosmic Wire to launch the Ivana Tattoo Art Metaverse

Partnership Creates first a kind of “NFT tattoo art”

ANGELS, August 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cosmic wirea leader in the push to implement Web3, has partnered with celebrity tattoo artist Ivana Belakova to launch her unique, one-of-a-kind tattoo art as NFT.

This collection of unique NFT tattoo art will also serve as a VIP ticket to Ivana’s series of global events scheduled for Dubai, Europeand Angels. Passholders will also receive exclusive access to her live tattoo sessions and a special opportunity to win their very own tattoo, including a collection of other physical items featuring their NFT tattoo. Certain season ticket holders will also have direct access to speaking with Ivana’s celebrity clients as they describe the process and her work in fireside chats held at Ivana’s collection of favorite restaurants, luxury venues and yachts around the world. Europe and the United States.

Ivana hosted special events sponsored by Ultron. The Ultron Foundation is a new blockchain project that focuses on providing scalability, security, and faster transaction throughput without compromising one. The Ultron Foundation is building a healthy ecosystem that will rapidly adopt new dApps, one of which is their own Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

In 2018, Ivana Belakova aka IVANA TATTOO ART became the first and only woman in the world whose tattoo was certified as modern fine art by the Macro Museum in Rome. Known for her amazing colors and illustrative street style tattoos, Ivana is also a talented illustrator, fashion designer and motivational speaker. Her celebrity client list includes Lil Wayne, Chris BrownRich the Kid, Quavo and Mia Khalifa.

“When I see a person, I feel their energy and see their colors. The tattoo I create reflects her self-expression, freedom, positive energy and has a fun and dynamic vibe,” Ivana told Tattoo Art. “I am and always proud to be a pioneer! If I could go to Mars, I would! But for now, catch me in the Metaverse!”

Ivana is also an accomplished author with two published books including Narcissistic Rockstar and I Just Love Tattoos and Sushi. Ivana is a self-taught artist who has been perfecting her style for the past 22 years. Ivana also conducts seminars and teaches around the world Shanghai, India, Colombiaand Mexico. Her style is innovative, sophisticated and eclectic; a sexy fusion of many genres, combining funk, bright colors and abstract elements with street style and high art. Her tattoos are positive, playful, beautiful, sometimes mischievous and always fun.

“Ivana creates her art by first understanding what she is saying to the person she is working on, and then creates around her. She created a community using her art as a medium. Cosmic Wire was honored to support such an amazing project,” said Cosmic Wire CEO Jared Fink.

The IVANA TATTOO ART a special studio is located in Long Beach, California.

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