Dahua Technology enters into a distribution partnership with ABCOM

In one of the industry’s biggest post-pandemic developments, Dahua Technology has partnered with UAE-based ABCOM Distribution LLC to provide the MENA market with intelligent IoT and digital signage solutions that embody the company’s technological excellence.

Dubai, UAE: Dahua Technology, the world’s leading video-focused intelligent IoT solutions and services, today announced a strategic partnership with Dubai-headquartered ABCOM Distribution LLC. The partnership between the two companies is perhaps one of the biggest industry developments since the Middle East and Middle East pandemic.

The distribution partnership was the result of Dahua Technology’s ambitious entry into the intelligent Internet of Things and digital signage segment. Earlier, Dahua’s offerings in the Middle East and Middle East market focused mainly on video surveillance devices and solutions, where the conglomerate boasts a leading position worldwide.

Founded in 2005, ABCOM specializes in audiovisual and IT distribution, serving the needs of various industries such as education, government, events, healthcare and religious institutions. ABCOM’s colossal dealer base in the region is expected to boost Dahua’s ambitions for products and services in the MENA region.

“Intelligent IoT solutions and digital signage bear all the hallmarks of Dahua’s technological excellence. We partner with a reputable distributor, ABCOM, who also aligns with our vision of providing customers with best-in-class solutions. The next-generation products and strategic partnerships represent Dahua’s multifaceted approach to increasing its market presence in the region,” said Brant Shen, General Manager of Dahua Technology MENA.

Digital signage solutions have gained significant traction in recent years thanks to a variety of reliable studies linking them to higher viewing and retention rates compared to traditional media channels. Therefore, using its extensive experience in video technology, Dahua has developed first-class digital signage products with attractive display, high integration capabilities, unified control and excellent performance.

The offerings also include exterior options that boast protective tempered glass and resistance to extreme weather conditions. ABCOM will also supply premium Dahua monitors, video walls and indoor/outdoor fixed and mobile LED displays to customers in the Middle East and Middle East. Unmatched product quality is due to Dahua’s robust research and development strategy, which includes significant human capital (more than 50% of nearly 22,000 employees working in research and development) and physical capital (investing approximately 10% of sales revenue in research and development Every year).

“Partnership with a Dahua-level conglomerate confirms our strengths as a leading distributor in the region. This happened at a time when we were also preparing to expand into the GCC. There is strong market appetite for intelligent IoT and digital signage products following the revival of the service and retail sectors due to post-pandemic digitization. The synergy between Dahua and ABCOM is important—for the industry and, most importantly, for customers,” said Pradeep Kumar, General Manager, ABCOM Distribution LLC.

ABCOM joins the authoritative list of Dahua distribution partners in more than 180 countries. With a global marketing and service network, Dahua Technology has established 57 branches, including one in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, from where it serves customers throughout the MENA region. The radical partnership with ABCOM is expected to further expand Dahua’s service capabilities.

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Abcom is one of the leading and most revolutionary AV and IT distributors in the UAE, supplying installers and integrators with an extensive and innovative portfolio of professional AV products and solutions. Delivering value is key to our success and we support our clients with unique consulting, expert training, system design and high-quality support for each of their projects across the corporate, education, temple, government, live events and healthcare sectors.

About Dahua Technology

Dahua Technology is a leading global provider of intelligent video-centric IoT solutions. Committed to its mission of “creating a safer society and a smarter life”, Dahua Technology offers end-to-end security solutions, systems and services to create value for city operations, corporate management and consumers.

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