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I generally don’t like to “show my hand” politically, but rather seek to gain and express a broader perspective that embraces seemingly opposing views and opinions, so I probably get emails from time to time in response to some specific questions. the column is from people with wildly different views, each of whom is convinced that I think the same way as they do, which usually isn’t the case.

I was less reticent when I expressed my concern about “the environment” and the harmful effects of toxic chemicals, harmful radiation, oil extraction and production methods, and materialistic attitudes toward the Earth and its people, plants, and animals.

Last spring and early summer, when some people were moaning about skyrocketing gas prices, I said this was a necessary step in our break with oil. This has to happen if we are to move to a … better way of doing things, which of course raises questions like: What do you call “better” and “better” for whom? I use it to mean an approach to technology that keeps pace with our knowledge while always holding on to our wisdom—a way that supports our well-being on all levels.

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