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MARTINSVILLE — The City of Martinsville held a meeting with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to review the city’s previous flood insurance rate map and flood insurance study report.

The meeting also discussed the comprehensive analysis of the flood zones of the AE zone for White River West Fork located near the village Martinsville Levy.

AE inundation zones apply to geographic areas that are vulnerable to inundation due to flooding with a one percent annual probability. AE zones are considered particularly dangerous areas of increased flood risk.

The main purpose of the meeting was to review updated flood risk data related to the county and the city, as well as outline the next steps in the map adoption process. Floodplain management was also discussed as part of the local ordinance update process to reflect any revised map approvals to comply with the regulatory framework of the National Flood Insurance Program.

If a city chooses to participate in the National Flood Insurance Plan, it must also incorporate recently updated flood risk data into its local flood protection regulations. This step must be completed by the time the new Flood Insurance Rate Map goes into effect.

Martinsville city government, including the mayor Kenny Costin and District Commissioner Don Adamsparticipated in discussions with FEMA during the meeting to learn more about the maps and the appeals and comment process, which will begin in January 2023. Indiana Department of Natural Resources was also present at the meeting.

Gary Oakesdirector of planning and engineering, said 479 structures are included in the preliminary map area.

FEMA Senior engineer Ken Hinterlong explained why most structures in mapped flood zones do not currently have flood insurance.

“Many of these structures do not have insurance because they are not required to do so. The first evidence they will receive from the lender is a letter asking them to either purchase the policy or the lender will purchase it on their behalf at a higher price. ” said Hinterlong.

They also discussed insurance options for property owners. Real estate owners are given a discount due to the fact that the mentioned buildings are in the process of being newly built.

To take advantage of the new discount card, flood insurance must be purchased within 12 months of the effective date of the new card. The discount includes a 70% discount from the first 35,000 USD building cover. Each year the rate will change by 15% until the actuarial rate is reached.

Property owners will have multiple opportunities to learn more about insurance options during two open houses scheduled for next month. They are also advised to contact their insurance agents for a quote on flood insurance.

For property owners who already participate in the National Flood Insurance Program and have a valid flood insurance policy, their total premiums will not exceed an annual increase of 18%.

Chronology of the project

A virtual open day is planned Monday, September 12 from 4 to 5:30 p.m This will offer property owners the opportunity to participate in a digital map review and a one-on-one question and answer session FEMA experts

During the meeting, it was decided that the original date proposed for the in-person open house would need to be rescheduled. The date, time and venue will be confirmed in the near future.

The open houses are designed to give property owners plenty of opportunities to ask any questions they may have about map changes and insurance options. A contribution will also be collected from those present. It will also provide a platform to provide important information to local officials and experts involved in the mapping process.

After both open houses are held, a 90-day appeal period will begin. It is expected to start in January and end in April 2023.

Property owners and anyone else who may be interested in submitting comments or appeals are encouraged FEMA to send them directly to the city authorities. FEMA will then review all comments and appeals after the appeals process is complete in April.

Before the 90-day appeal period begins, each affected community will receive an appeal letter from FEMA.

“All appeals or comments will be preliminarily considered or answered FEMA finalizes the products and issues a Letter of Final Determination or LFD. LFD for this project is expected to take place in the fall of 2023.” Ben Schattschneider, project manager, said. “The LFD date begins a six-month compliance period during which the state will work with communities to adopt the cards. The effective date comes at the end of a six-month compliance period, which is projected to occur in the spring of 2018. 2024.”

The previous cards will not come into effect until six months after the yet-to-be-determined LFD date.

“When you start an LFD, basically the community has six months before the effective date to update their floodplain ordinance. I know communities in Morgan County have passed ordinances that contain the revised wording that normally applies to these updates, but we have a new model ordinance.” Darren Pearson, state coordinator of NZIP. “So when we get to the point where communities need to update their ordinances, we’ll ask the county and the city to update their ordinances to the new standard standards, and we’ll include whatever is needed at that point in time.”

FEMA & Martinsville

Hinterlong spent part of the meeting talking about the partnership between FEMA and Martinsville, which goes back more than a decade.

FEMA originally provided by a Temporary accredited intake (PAL) to Martinsville for flood mapping August 26, 2009. FEMA designates levee systems as PALs if the agency has previously recognized those areas to provide a baseline flood hazard reduction on an effective flood insurance rate map. In these cases FEMA often waits for additional data to demonstrate that the levee system in question meets the minimum requirements of the National Flood Insurance Plan.

Martinsville’s PAL status has expired August 5, 2011.

“It was actually created according to a non-binding agreement. It was signed in 2009 and included a 24-month option to provide us with data,” Hinterlong said. “In 2011, when it became apparent that you could not provide us with this data, we began further discussions about what we could potentially do together to demonstrate the risk and create a state-of-the-art hydraulic model that can be used to evaluate your options.”

Hinterlong went on to reveal it FEMA in 2014 began developing a collateral analysis and mapping procedure to explore more options for identified areas that have not achieved full accreditation status.

In the period from 2016 to 2021 FEMA funded a revision of the physical map as part of the process of completing an levee risk analysis and updating flood maps for the county. This contains a more modern analysis White River West Fork and Natural valley analysis for Martinsville Dam.

Recently, FEMA provided Martinsville with its preliminary flood insurance rate map and flood insurance study three months ago May 13.

Flooding in Martinsville

Martinsville is certainly no stranger to flooding. In 2008, the southern part of the city was inundated by a flood that caused significant damage to houses, businesses and a school.

South Martinsville has a reputation for being particularly vulnerable to flooding. Sartor Ditch and Hilldale Cemetery Ditch are commonly used in the area to divert excess storm water away from the city. Water from both ditches enters Indian Creek before eventually getting into White river. Sometimes the water level in the river becomes too high, preventing water from entering Indian Creek from running into it. This led to flooding in combination with heavy rainfall.

Important resources

Morgan County’s preliminary flood insurance rate map and flood insurance research report can be viewed online here.

We invite property owners to visit FEMA online map viewer to view previous maps to keep up to date with any changes made since the previous Flood Insurance Rate Map.

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