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Companies of all sizes and in all industries are favoring data-driven solutions, which is why professionals in fields such as data science and business intelligence are in high demand. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, a survey of corporate recruiters found that 86% planned to hire graduates with a master’s degree in business analytics in 2022. And companies pay six-figure salaries to these types of recruits; In 2022, the median salary for a master’s degree in business analytics in the US is $105,000, according to a GMAC survey.

But you don’t have to complete a full master’s program to enter this fast-growing field. Today, more than ever, MBA graduates must possess skills that go beyond a traditional business degree, Columbia Business School professor Dan Wang previously said Fortune. These skills include expertise in areas such as analytics, marketing, product management, and collaborating in strategic roles with business analysts.

If you want to learn about business intelligence without enrolling in a degree program, several universities offer online courses. We’ve rounded up four free online business analytics courses from top universities.

Boston University: Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making

Boston University offers a free online course that teaches participants how to apply analytics to their business strategies. In Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making, students will learn about concepts such as predictive modeling and machine learning, and how analytical results are used to inform business strategy.

The course lasts seven weeks and requires participants to spend approximately three to six hours per week. It is taught on a course schedule under the guidance of instructors from Boston University’s computer science and information systems departments. According to the course description, the course is aimed at meeting the needs of managers specifically, as there is a growing demand for leaders who can reframe business questions as data questions and use data to develop a competitive advantage for their business.

University of Colorado, Boulder: Business Intelligence for Decision Making

Business Intelligence for Decision Making, offered by the University of Colorado, Boulder, is a course that teaches students the basics of business intelligence. Without delving too deeply into computer languages ​​and advanced statistics, this course gives participants a basic knowledge of Excel and teaches them through a “solver analytical framework” that allows them to practice developing predictive and attributional models.

The free online class is taught by a professor from the University’s Leeds Business School and takes around nine hours. This is the third of five courses in the Advanced Business Analytics specialization series offered by the school. Other courses include: Introduction to Data Analytics for Business, Predictive Modeling and Analytics, Reporting Business Intelligence Results, and Advanced Business Intelligence Capstone

University of Michigan: An Introduction to Data Analysis for Managers

The University of Michigan offers a course called “Introduction to Data Analytics for Managers” designed for people who want to better understand how to use data sources to improve business strategy. University of Michigan faculty use lectures, business cases, and real-life applications of analytical tools to educate managers in business intelligence. Students will learn basic analytics skills, including simple scatterplots, SQL queries, hypothesis testing, and machine learning experimentation.

Participants do not need to have experience or skills in analytics, and the business analytics course lasts six weeks and requires about two to four hours of work per week, although it is taught on a self-study schedule.

University of Pennsylvania: Customer Analysis

The Customer Analytics course, taught by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, is one of four courses offered in the Business Analytics Specialization series. This course discusses how the vast amounts of data collected through activities such as credit card transactions and online shopping carts can be used to inform business decisions. At the end of the course, participants will be prepared to describe the tools used to predict customer behavior and gain knowledge of current best practices in customer analytics at leading companies.

Customer analytics is taught by professors from the school’s marketing department, and the course takes about 12 hours. Other courses in the Business Analytics Specialization series include Operations Analytics, People Analytics, Accounting Analytics, and the Business Analytics Capstone.

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