How Eagles player Jonathan Gannon dealt with haters

Fire Gannon isn’t trending this week, but it sure was last week.

And this is, as a rule, every time the Eagles play poorly on defense.

After playing defense in Detroit, it certainly made sense.

The Eagles opened the season by nearly blowing a 17-point lead against the Lions with 35 points, 386 yards and 181 total yards and 21 points and 216 yards at halftime.

Not ideal.

The Eagles got the win, but there were plenty of concerns about the defense and Gannon heading into the new season.

And Eagles fans did not hide their dissatisfaction with the defensive coordinator.

Gannon said he learned long ago not to pay attention. And he lives by it.

“It’s funny when you’re growing up and if you listen to outside noise and let it influence you – good or bad – that’s a recipe for disaster, so we preach that to our players and we wear it on our sleeves as well.” he said on Thursday.

“Honestly, I don’t feel any pressure from anyone outside of this building anymore. I feel the most pressure from myself, and I’ve been like that since childhood.”

All eyes were on Gannon’s defense on Monday night, and it responded with a near-perfect performance against a high-powered Vikings offense loaded with weapons.

The Eagles won 24-7 as Gannon’s group held the Vikings to 264 yards, limiting star receiver Justin Jefferson to 48 yards and a long gainer of 11 yards and three-time Pro Bowler Dalvin Cook to 17 yards on six carries .

It was a defensive masterpiece, and it must have reassured a lot of fans – and probably some folks at the NovaCare complex – who had some doubts about Gannon’s ability to get good results from this changed defense.

Not everyone has the ability to block out the outside noise, and in a city like Philadelphia, you can have a lot of trouble if you’re careful.

“I think if you listen to the outside noise and the waves of the season, it affects you,” Nick Sirianni said Wednesday.

“You’ve got to be where you are, and that’s where I saw Gannon saying, ‘Okay, okay, this is how we’re going to clean it up, and this is what we’re going to do this week to put our guys in the best position to help them win. game,” and that’s exactly what he did.

“He didn’t let anything affect him. This is a great quality. Not everyone has that, and not everyone is cut out to coach, I understand, not everyone is cut out to coach in this city or play in this city.

“But that’s exactly why we’re trying to create that mindset. The common denominator of really good players is this mindset: I’m where I am right now and I don’t care about anything else.

“I don’t care what I did in the past. I don’t care if it was good or bad. I’m here right now and I’m working on how I can get better today because if I keep this trend going, I’m going to get better. It’s also Gannon.”

The Eagles have held 10 of 19 opponents since last year’s opener to 18 or fewer points, tied for the league-most with the Broncos and Bills.

We won’t know for a few more weeks if the Lions’ game was a blowout or the Vikings’, but after an embarrassing performance in Detroit, a dynamic offense with Kirk Cousins, Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook, seven points was very encouraging.

But now it’s up to the Commanders, who have a hot defense, dangerous weapons and a top-10 offense to start the season.

“It’s a new week and the pressure I feel on myself is the same as last year, week 1, week 2, training camp,” Gannon said. “It really doesn’t matter to me.”

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