Invest in real estate in these up-and-coming beach towns before prices soar

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Owning real estate in a beach town can be a great investment. Not only can you move in with your family, but you can also use it as a vacation home and rent it out for extra income when you’re not living there.

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Beachfront property can be expensive, however, so many people hesitate when they start shopping by the sea. But if you’ve always wanted to own a beach house, whether for yourself or as an investment property, now’s your chance.

These six up-and-coming beach towns have real estate you can invest in that won’t break the bank. However, you’ll probably want to make your move soon—before prices go up.

New London, Connecticut

“While Connecticut is a bit more expensive right now, there are still properties in the area that are surprisingly cheap and can start as little as $150,000,” said Shawn Martin, owner and CEO of We Pay Cash for Houses. “This is due to less attention from tourists to consider this place as an official beach destination. Strategic investors usually make such investments, especially when they see a place’s huge potential for prosperity and growth. It’s also less crowded, which means you can buy more properties at once and monopolize the place for real estate investment. If you wait for a place to become as civilized or popular before you invest, the downside is already higher prices.”

According to Zillow, the typical home price in New London is $248,781, up 10.5% over the past year.

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Mastic Beach, New York

“Mastic Beach is on the rise, so now is a good time to get involved before more investors realize what a gem this is,” said Nate Johnson, real estate investment expert and product manager at NeighborWho. “The beach houses here are a cheaper alternative to the nearby Hamptons, and the town itself is a great place to explore as a part of New York that many tourists don’t see. There are wineries nearby and a variety of dining options in the surrounding area. This is another great beach town to add to your bucket list before it becomes more popular.”

According to Zillow, the typical home value is $369,954, up 12.4% over the past year.

Port Arthur, Texas

“Port Arthur has low housing costs and the cost of living is generally affordable,” Johnson said. “The city also boasts a large number of historical monuments and museums that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors to the city. For those who enjoy healthy outdoor recreation, there are many opportunities for fishing and outdoor activities. It’s a great place to invest if you want a relaxed and cost-effective option.”

According to Zillow, the typical home value in this coastal city is currently $94,461, up 12.5% ​​year over year.

Titusville, Florida

“This city is a hotbed for families and retirees because it’s one of the most affordable cities in Florida and has lots of parks — perfect if you have kids or are retired,” said Eyal Pasternak, a real estate investor. and founder of Liberty House Buying Group, as well as a licensed Realtor in Florida.

“The real estate market is about to boom as more and more people come from nearby cities like Orlando to live a peaceful suburban life here. While the customer demographic is primarily middle-aged and retired, it will also be home to many new families as Gen Z and Millennials enter the housing market. Inventory isn’t limited like in most big cities, so it’s an ideal buy-and-hold option.”

According to Zillow, the typical home value in Titusville is $284,253, representing a 26.5% increase over the past year.

Rockaway Beach, Oregon

“Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast has long been a popular vacation destination with seven miles of sandy beaches,” said Buy Yo Dirt Founder and President Corey Tyner. “However, unlike well-known towns like Cannon Beach, Manzanita and Seaside, this scenic region of Oregon remains largely undiscovered, so tourists and second-home owners can enjoy less traffic.”

Tyner added, “During the day, many choose to go crabbing, whale watching, hiking and kayaking, and when the sun goes down, many people gather around bonfires on the beach to admire the starry sky. Compared to Cannon Beach, where the median sales price is $930,000, Rockaway Beach has a much lower median sales price.”

According to Zillow, the typical home price in Rockaway Beach is $408,749, up 14.8% over the past year.

Pensacola, Florida

Wendy Waller, real estate broker and owner of Emerald Coast Real Estate, said Pensacola is known for its live music and entertainment for children. She also said the city has beaches like Seaside and Rosemary Beach for one-third the price.

According to Zillow, the typical home price in Pensacola is $249,001. This is 24.2% more than last year.

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