M&T Bank Spotlights Connecticut Small Businesses with Innovative Pop-Up Shop Concept at Captain’s Cove Seaport

Local small businesses will have access to retail space at the address Bridgeport the main tourist destination.

M&T Bank offers its innovative Spotlight Shop concept Connecticutgiving local small businesses the opportunity to sell their unique products from a pop-up space in Bridgeport the popular seaport of Captain’s Cove.

The M&T Spotlight Shop is a modern 240 square foot modular retail space with hinged walls that provides a welcoming, inviting space to interact with customers. From today in Bridgeport and continuing in various locations throughout the state, businesses from across the country Connecticut will alternate in two-week segments.

The first companies to be introduced, all of whom are M&T clients, include:

Leisha’s Bakeria, small-batch bakery, owner Leisha Young and is located in Bijou Square the outskirts of the city center Bridgeport. Leisha’s Bakeria offers fresh cookies, cakes and other baked goods.

El Coquito, a family restaurant of Puerto Rican cuisine, is located in Bridgeport who has been serving the community for over 30 years.

M&T’s Spotlight Shop first launched in Baltimore Inner harbor in 2019, and in 2020 became virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic-inspired adaptation of the physical retail space has been so popular that the company will launch a Virtual Spotlight Shop alongside the physical location in Captain’s Cove in Bridgeport.

Additional local small businesses will be added to both Spotlight stores during the whole month of stay in Captain’s Cove. Next month, the physical Spotlight Shop will move to new high-traffic locations Connecticut.

“The Spotlight Shop is a symbol of our unwavering support for small business owners,” he said Frank MicalizziM&T Bridgeport regional president. ‘Bridgeport is home to many exciting and creative businesses. As one of SBA’s leading lenders Connecticutwe are committed to helping small businesses grow, create jobs and uplift our community.”

“My business relies heavily on word-of-mouth traffic, so I’m very fortunate to be featured in M&T’s Spotlight Shop with the new location and all the exposure that comes with it,” said Leisha Youngowner of Leisha’s Bakeria.

“We are proud and happy to welcome Bank M&T Shop in the spotlight here at the seaport Captain Cove said Bruce Williams, vice president of Captain’s Cove. “As a supporter of a number of small maritime businesses here at the Seaport, we appreciate M&T’s commitment to the small business community in Bridgeport region.’

“As Vice Chair of the Finance, Revenue and Debt Committee, I am always concerned about what is available to small diversified businesses that call Bridgeport home,” said the state senator Marilyn Moore. “The M&T Spotlight Shop at Captain’s Cove is a great way to attract businesses like this, and I hope it’s just the beginning of introducing the small businesses that are the backbone of our communities.”

Bridgeport it is a great place to live, work and, of course, to open and develop a business. In the composition of Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonds in State Legislatureit’s my job to provide Connecticut attracts and retains business,” said the State Representative Steve Stafstrom. When companies like M&T step up and help local businesses, it goes a long way in supporting our vibrant small business community.

Bridgeport is home to many small businesses that are deeply embedded in the city’s culture and community,” said Bridgeport City Council president Assistant Nieves. “I’m glad to see M&T Bank highlighting these local businesses in its Spotlight Shop, which will attract new customers and show visitors the best Bridgeport can offer

“The Spotlight Shop is a unique way to showcase small businesses in Connecticut and help them grow,” said CBIA President and CEO, Chris DiPentima. “The CBIA is happy to see M&T Bank facilitating this program to empower local businesses.”

As part of its commitment to supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs, M&T recently launched Innovation laboratory of multicultural small business in Bridgeport, Connecticut The seven-week program, which was announced in June, will begin September 21is designed to help local multicultural business owners thrive, grow and find new ideas by providing advice and skills to grow and run their business.

M&T is consistently ranked in the top 10 in the nation US Small Business Administration lending and is currently the second leading small business lender in SBA District with Connecticut.

The Bridgeport M&T Spotlight Shop will be open Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00-15:00and from Friday to Sunday 12:00-17:00, weather permitting. For more information and to visit the M&T Virtual Spotlight Shop, visit www.mtb.com/spotlightshop. Follow us on Instagram @mandt_spotlightshop to keep up to date with all the Spotlight Shop happenings.

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