New movies to watch in August

It’s an action-packed month on the big screen, with some new big-name thrillers to watch in August. Firstly High-speed train (August 5), which has already come within an inch of its life. Brad Pitt and company are a group of assassins trapped on a bullet train in Kyoto.

The Beast (New Movies to Watch in August)

If trains aren’t your thing, check it out Beast (August 19), in which Idris Elba is pitted against a bloodthirsty lion. in demolition (August 26) John Boyega stars as a desperate ex-Marine who holds the bank’s occupants hostage. Sylvester Stallone also returned at the end of the month Samaritan (August 26) about an ex-fighter who left retirement to save the city one last time.

Easter Sunday (New Movies to Watch in August)
Easter Sunday (New Movies to Watch in August)

If you don’t like to act, maybe you’re ready to laugh? Joe Coy in the lead role Easter Sunday (August 5), a comedic love letter to the comedian’s family and the Filipino community. Released the same day I love my dad (Aug. 5) stars Patton Oswalt as a hopelessly estranged father who catches his son trying to reconnect.

One of the most anticipated films of the year, Claire Danes Both sides of the blade, In this romantic thriller, frequent Dany collaborator Juliette Binoche is torn between two lovers, played by Dany’s other regulars Vincent Lyndon and Grégoire Colin. Denis, who created some of the best films of all time (in particular Good job, Bastards and Friday evening), always worth watching on the big screen. (Read my full review here.)

If you’re looking for something the whole family can enjoy, an action adventure Secret headquarters (August 5) follows a group of kids who discover the headquarters of the world’s most powerful superhero (Owen Wilson) beneath his home. In other entertainment for children Timescape (Aug. 19) follows two children who accidentally return to the age of dinosaurs and must find a way to repair their ship and return home.

The Barbarian (New Movies to Watch in August)
The Barbarian (New Movies to Watch in August)

There are plenty of options on the horror front as well. A24 leaves from Bodies, Bodies, Bodies (Aug. 12), a Gen Z murder-mystery satire on youthful follies and obsessions. It has a killer cast featuring Amandla Stenberg (The Hunger Games), Maria Bakalova (Borat 2), Rachel Sennott (Child of Shiva), Lee Pace and Pete Davidson. (Read in full The iconic MTL review here.) V Invitation (August 26) An unknown cousin invites Evie to a lavish wedding in the English countryside, only to discover that she must fight to survive. Based on some very modern fears, c Barbarian (August 31) A woman shows up at Airbnb late at night to find it has been booked twice and a stranger is already living there.

such a summer new movies August
Such a summer (new movies to watch in August)

For fans of art house, the latest version of Denis Cote, Such a summer (August 19), will be released in theaters in the middle of the month. This film is certainly divisive, following the treatment of three women with sex addiction. This is an emotionally raw and sexually explicit film, so be prepared to be challenged.

Apocalypse today Latest version
Apocalypse Now: Final Cut (New Movies to Watch in August)

And finally, one of the greatest films of all time returns to Montreal cinemas starting August 12th. Apocalypse Now: Final Cut takes elements from the original theatrical version and Redux, combining them for a new version. If you’re a Coppola fan, this is something you have to see on the big screen. (Read my editorial on Apocalypse Today here.) ■

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