New music for you this week – August 15, 2022

If you’re looking for new music, we’ve compiled a list of famous artists you may know and new artists to explore.

1Watchhouse- Guard duo

photo by Charlie Boss

A year to the day that Andrew Marlin and Emily Franz of Watchhouse (formerly Mandolin Orange) officially reinvented themselves on their 2021 album Watchhouse , the rising roots stars have released a special surprise: Watchhouse (duet), a record of Marlin’s self-produced and Franz, who perform the most basic possible arrangements of all nine songs from Watchhouse. You can see at The Ryman on September 2-3.

Listen here.

2Graylan James – I hope she hears

photo by Greylan James

Today, Friday, August 12, the famous writer and young solo artist Graylan James completes the collection of bright singles with the release of his debut mini-album “I Hope She Hears These”.

“After writing songs for other country artists’ projects, I’m excited to finally release my own EP. A lot of life, heartbreak, alcohol, love and time went into creating these songs,” Graylan shared. “I think everyone can relate to one of these songs, and I’m glad they’re finally coming out of the vault and into the world.”

Listen here.

3Jordan Davis – “Next Thing You Know”

photo by Jordan Davis

Davis shared a new track “next thing you know” as a continuation of the releases from his highly anticipated upcoming album. By Davis, Chase McGill, Josh Osborne, and Graylan James. This fall (September 27 and 28), Davis is set to headline back-to-back nights at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium for the first time, and will also join Luke Combs as a direct support act on The Middle of Somewhere Tour through December.

Listen here.

4Lainey Wilson – “Watermelon Moonshine”

photo by Alisa Gafkien

Laney delivers a throwback coming-of-age ballad about young love with new song “Watermelon Moonshine.” During this song, Lainey reflects nostalgically on the fearlessness of teenage love—and is amused by how confidently unfocused she was at the time. “Watermelon Moonshine” is the second song available from Bell Bottom Country which will be released on October 28.

Listen here.

5Frank Ray – Gotcha Some

photo by Joseph Llanes

Frank Ray says of this mini album: “Getcha Something is like me being exposed to the world, so when I made this project I really wanted it to represent all sides of who I am: a family man, a proud Latino, an energetic artist and a little bit of have a good time, Charlie,” said Frank Ray. “Most importantly, I wanted to create something that would make people smile. I can’t wait to share these songs with the world and soak in those moments with the crowd.”

6Julian Taylor – “Wide Awake”

photo by Lisa McIntosh

American/folk singer-songwriter Julian Taylor has released a new single, “Wide Awake,” from his upcoming album.

Julian says of the thoughts behind the song, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I deal with feelings of regret. I know that what I think has a lot to do with my own happiness and the energy I put out into the world. I know that I am perfect in all my imperfection and that everything that happened was meant to happen exactly as it happened. Who I am and where I come from means so much because of the struggles my family has had to get here. What I have done and where my thoughts and actions have led me is important because it has helped shape who I am and who I remain. We are intertwined and we are all so lucky to be part of the universal fabric of life. When I look at things this way, I am so grateful for everything and everyone who has ever shown me love. I can only hope that I have somehow repaid the favor.”

Listen here.

7Little Big Town – “Better Love”

photo by Blair Goetz Mezibov

LBT Karen Fairchild and Jimmy Westbrook co-wrote the confidently intelligent track with Topher Brown and Audra May. “The attitude of this song is mischievous and lands right in Karen’s gut. It’s fun to sing, too,” says Westbrook.

Listen here.

8Steve Moakler – Make a small room

photo by Steve Moakler

Today, Friday, August 12, Steve Moakler released his 7th studio album, Make A Little Room. His new career has spanned over 15 years with a string of acclaimed albums, co-written hits and cross-country tours. the album Make A Little Room presents a recipe for something different.

“I’m very excited to celebrate this album in person with our audience…” shared Steve. “I’ve been imagining it since we were in the studio. The songs feel very personal when they’re written, but the live show is usually that cool moment where I realize how shared our experience is and it all comes full circle.”

Listen here.

9Parmalee – “Girl in Mine”

photo by Joseph Llanes

Parmali releases next single “The girl in the mine,” which continues their back-to-back #1 hits. Since moving to town with their #1 hit “Carolina.»

“Girl In Mine” captivated fans with the song after a TikTok teaser. With over 1.8 million views on TikTok, when frontman Matt sings the chorus, TikTok creators have imitated the video and added their own style to it.

Listen here.

10Hank Snow – A collection of lost souvenirs

photo by Hank Snow

Country Rewind Records announced the release Hank Snow – The Lost Collection of Souvenirs with a specially invited artist Jimmy Snow. Country Rewind Records is proud to present a special collection of newly discovered recordings from Hank Snow’s The Singing Ranger.

Listen here.

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