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Consistent with the Veterans Health Administration’s mission to honor America’s veterans by providing exceptional health care that improves their health and well-being, the mission of the Postbaccalaureate Nursing Program is to support professional role transition, integration, and socialization of baccalaureate-prepared registered nurses to professional nursing practice.

Through a collaborative partnership between the medical center and its affiliated schools of nursing, the goal of the PB-RNR program is to empower participants to provide high-quality, safe, and effective patient care that promotes the health and well-being of our Veteran patients. To achieve this goal, program participants receive quality education and training; mentoring to develop sound clinical judgment and safe, effective nursing skills; compassion and empathy for our patients; and a strong commitment to professional responsibility, continuous quality improvement, and lifelong learning.

VA Medical Center Louisville (Robley Rex) has been serving veterans since 1952. Medical services provided by the medical center are available to more than 150,000 veterans in 35 counties in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

As an academic institution, the medical center offers a full range of learning opportunities with state-of-the-art technology, as well as teaching and research. The medical center maintains more than 30 partnerships with colleges and universities to provide clinical experiences for health professions trainees, including approximately 200 nursing students annually.

The goals of the Louisville VAMC PB-RNR program are to:

  1. To provide post-baccalaureate nurses with a comprehensive education through a broad range of experiences to enhance veteran-centered care;
  2. To deepen participants’ knowledge and skills in applying nursing science and science-based practice to a diverse group of veterans;
  3. Support for the development of professionalism and effective leadership behavior;
  4. Improve the retention of nursing graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree; and
  5. Examine the impact of the program on clinical outcomes, nurse satisfaction, and patient satisfaction.

Upon completion of the PB-RNR program, a registered nurse will:

  1. Transitioning from an entry-level, experienced practitioner to a competent professional nurse who provides safe, quality, and ethical care to the veterans we serve;
  2. Use the skills of effective decision-making and clinical judgment;
  3. Demonstrate evidence-based veteran-centered care practices;
  4. Demonstrate clinical leadership skills at the point of care; and,
  5. Implement an individualized career plan, demonstrating a lifelong commitment to professional nursing.


The curriculum framework for the program has been developed in accordance with the CCNE Residency Program curriculum standards as amended in 2021. Curriculum concepts are incorporated into both didactic and clinical components of training. In addition to the established assessment tools for the PB-RNR program, competency testing will include a competency-based facility orientation and simulated experience incorporated into the didactic component.

Didactic teaching methods include lecture, case-based problem solving, small group activities and discussion, current literature review, and simulations. Evidence-based practice (EBP) is incorporated throughout the curriculum with specific activities to explore current professional literature and patient outcome data in each topic area of ​​didactic training. EBP curriculum content culminates in resident improvement projects.

Advantages of the program:

  • Strengthen your nursing skills with structured expert mentoring throughout the program
  • Develop your critical thinking and leadership skills in a variety of settings
  • Salaried position with medical benefits
  • There are no mandatory night shifts or holidays
  • Clinical experience and professional development opportunities in various areas of patient care
  • 13 vacation days, 13 sick days, 11 paid holidays

Requirements for the applicant:

  • US citizen and recent graduate of a CCNE or ACEN accredited BSN or MSN (entry level) nursing program
  • get RN license by the start date of the program October 2022
  • Minimum accumulative The average score is 3.0.
  • Commit to completion 1-year residency program.
  • Should be vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Send resume, no more than two pages.
  • Personal statement of 400 words “Why do I want to be selected for the Robley Rex VA Medical Center Post-Baccalaureate Nurse Residency Program?”
  • Three letters of recommendation: Two from school faculty (one clinical faculty) and one letter from the Nurse Manager/Assistant Nurse Manager of the Senior Capstone Experience unit (or if you are employed by NA or PCA, your immediate nurse supervisor). Email faculty directly to the PBNR Program Director.
  • Transcripts: A school official emailed the PBNR program director.
  • Deadline apply for the next cohort September 12, 2022

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