The Mier Duffle Bag is a travel must-have

Everyone has their own travel style. And for many, the best way to pack is to ditch the traditional suitcase for a duffel bag. But not just any old backpack can replace your checked baggage; you need one that’s compact enough to carry with you, but roomy enough to hold all your clothes, shoes, and other travel essentials. According to Amazon buyers, the Mier Backpack Duffle Bag ticks all the boxes.

Available in 60 and 90 liter sizes, this popular bag has been praised by travelers for its versatile, functional and durable design. First, it’s effectively two bags in one thanks to its convertible design, allowing users to use it as a backpack or duffel bag depending on preference. All you have to do is alternate the padded shoulder straps and two carrying handles (but it also has four grab handles for easy lifting for cars, luggage straps, etc.).

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Inside its durable, waterproof tarp, there are four mesh pockets of varying sizes to securely store and organize your belongings. Attached to the inside of the opening flap, you’ll find a large pocket that holds everything from tech and toiletries to underwear and pajamas. There are pockets on both the left and right inside that can hold a comb, headphones, chargers and other medium-sized travel gear. And the smallest inner bag is perfect for your smartphone, wallet, passport and other valuables.

And because the Mier Backpack Duffel Bag has a large D-shaped opening (similar to a suitcase), you can easily access what’s inside and neatly organize your clothes, toiletry bag and other essentials, just like you would if you were packing standard luggage. While it’s a great alternative to a suitcase, hundreds of five-star reviewers say it can be used for camping and other adventures. Not to mention, it also makes a reliable gym bag or work backpack.

“This is the perfect bag for backpackers [or] a backpacker who carries most of their luggage,” wrote one Amazon shopper, because it allows you to “walk as casually as possible” and helps you “pack efficiently.” They added, “[I] will use it on my next trip to Japan as it is lightweight, easy to use, ergonomic and waterproof.”

Another reviewer shared, “I’ve traveled all over the world using several bags and have never found the perfect bag…until now!” In addition to calling it “the most impressive duffel bag” they’ve ever owned, Amazon customers also raved about how it’s “easy to carry and relatively well ventilated.” After wearing it for five hours in the conference center, they noticed that their “backs were not sweaty at all.”

Provided by Amazon

Buy:, $60

A common theme in reviews of the Mier Backpack Duffel Bag was that customers were amazed at how much they could fit in the convertible backpack. One buyer said it was the “perfect size” for a two-week trip to Costa Rica. Similarly, another buyer added: “[I] used this for a 2 week trip to Europe and it was great… I was pleasantly surprised [that] everything fit well.” But to really use the space, they recommended using packing cubes.

A third traveler said it “did the job for a seven-day trip to New York” and that it “lasted two flights and a train ride.” A fourth customer added that it “had everything I needed for a 10-day trip,” while a final reviewer confirmed that it had “so much room” for a nine-day excursion.

Take it from these buyers, the Mier Backpack Duffel Bag will change the rules of travel. Get one before your next trip on Amazon for $60.

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