The Ministry of Tourism will expand the “JAM-Iconic experience” | News

The Ministry of Tourism is working to expand the “Jam-Iconic Experience” by installing signs in resort towns across the island.

The signs, which are being installed with the support of a tourism product development company (TPDCo), will become part of the tourism experience.

Speaking at a recent Jamaica Information Service (JIS) think tank, Portfolio Minister Edmund Bartlett said millions of dollars are being spent on impressions and art objects, noting that creativity helps present the proposition of a place.

“A significant sign is intended to reflect the elements, spirit, culture and atmosphere of the area. In Negril, which is the “casual capital”, you see a bright color scheme unlike that used in Montego Bay, at the airport roundabout. It creates a feeling, a touch and a mood to the place. This is what this type of signboard is intended for,” he explained.

Bartlett also announced plans to install similar signs in St. Ann’s and Trelawny.

“When we do Ocho Rios, you’ll see what [it] looks like and … we’re going to do Falmouth as well. You should see what we’re up to at Discovery Bay right now. When you drive through there, you’ll notice the landscape that emerges… and in Mammy Bay, where we have the waterwheel experience,” he said.

With tourism revenues forecast to top $4 billion this year, Minister Bartlett reiterated the industry’s importance to Jamaica’s economy.

“What we are telling the country is that we will have to get used to tourism being our main source of income. We were able to stay out of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) even after this massive pandemic and the recession it brought in the wake of its recovery… because tourism has recovered strongly,” he said.

Efforts like the Jam-Iconic Experience, in addition to enhancing the aesthetics of a place, also create incentives for visitors to travel and share scenic shots as part of their experience.

As users create content, it expands the marketing opportunities for the island’s tourism product.

Meanwhile, Minister Bartlett said the Government will prioritize public education on tourism to help develop a greater public understanding of how the industry works for everyone.

He said that while the government remains prudent and is committed to providing value for money in spending, “we have to understand that some simple things that you may think are unimportant are vital to an industry that generates the largest share of our foreign exchange for you and employment of such a number of people”.

Mr. Bartlett emphasized the importance of not only marketing Jamaica’s tourism product to the rest of the world, but also to the people of the country.

“We’re going to have to start marketing to ourselves so that we understand better and are less resentful of simple actions that are critical to the process,” he stated.

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