We admire the classics and share our passion for vintage cars

AUTOMOBILE CLUB — Members of the Maine Vintage Car League, Pleasant Mountain Chapter, pose next to one of the vintage cars during Cruise Night last Wednesday. (Photo by De Buska)

Don De Busc

Staff writer

Most people who have been in the car club the longest are too humble to talk about themselves.

After all, retro cars are the real stars of the show.

“It all started back in the late ’50s as the Pleasant Mountain Chapter of the MOALs, the Maine Antique Car League,” says Cindy Gorman. “We start these cruise nights at the end of May and they will end in October or September.”

Evening Cruise takes place every Wednesday from 17:00 to 19:30. The cruise night location is the parking lot at the corner of Depot Street and Main Street.

“We have a good turnout. We’ve had the Maine Cheese Food Truck come by a few times or they’ve gone to the Bridgton House of Pizza,” Gorman said.

“Anyway, it’s fun. These people took very good care of the cars and put a lot of money into them to keep them,” she said.

“Oho [her husband] He has a car that he has had since he was 16 years old. It’s a 1923 Model T,” she said, adding that the vehicle was not on last Wednesday’s cruise.

The difference between a show and a night cruise is that the show is judged. During the night cruise, owners take their vintage cars to a designated location for public viewing.

The League members hope that a few more car enthusiasts will join MOAL. People with an antique “set of wheels” can start by taking part in a night cruise.

Among the activities that the club is engaged in, there is another type of cruise, which includes a car trip.

What: Cruise Night for the Maine Obsolete Automobile League (MOALs) Pleasant Mountain Chapter
Where: In the parking lot at the corner of Depot Street and Main Street. There is enough space for more than 50 cars.
When: Wednesday, from 17:00 to 19:30
Contact: Wess Gorman (207) 647-9411

“We will do several cruises during the summer. We would like people to join in,” Cindy Gorman said. “Usually [someone in the group] took us on cruises, great scenery on back roads, and neither of us knows where we are. We either go on picnics or stop at ice cream stands.”

“This is a good group. Many people have been here for a long time. We are trying to expand our membership. So that one of the younger guys could take over. These three guys are in their 70s,” she said.

She was referring to the president, vice president, and another member of the club, all of whom didn’t want to be the center of attention.

According to her, MOALs is a community group that raises money for a local scholarship as well as social activities.

“This year we have a scholarship. It is awarded to a student at Lake Region High School. He will be going to Southern Maine Technical College his freshman year for mechanics,” she said, explaining

MOAL’s fundraising methods include paying dues and holding a 50-50 raffle at each meeting, Gorman said.

Barry Gilman, who called himself simply an assistant, spoke about the local branch of MOALs and how it tried to help people in the town when help was needed.

“The club is very supportive of the community, donating money to the community. Over the years we have given money to help with heating and scholarships for kids in high school. I have a list of charities that we’ve contributed to over probably six, seven, maybe 10 years,” he said.

“We get together a couple of times a year and go somewhere to ride. We’re doing it sometime in August, going on an ice cream tour,” Gilman said.

Club member Joan Brill, a member of the club, brought a 1946 Ford Coupe to Cruise Night.

“My husband is mainly interested in classic cars. He had it since he was a teenager. He loves old cars,” she said.

“I have a Mustang that I drive sometimes. It’s not exactly a classic ’08, but a lot of people bring their Mustangs,” she said.

Cruise Night’s downtown location seems to make for a good turnout because people walking or driving by see it.

“A lot of people see us and stop and love it,” Brill said.

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